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Everyone who uses health and social care services has the right to expect a high standard. Healthwatch can help your local services achieve these standards, but to do this we need your help. We need you to ‘Talk to Us’ about your experiences of health and social care services in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire; we want your feedback, stories and comments – as many as possible!

We understand that your experience of services may vary depending on many things; the problem you needed help with, the staff you spoke to, or even the time of day you used the service. That’s why we are not asking you to rate the service you use, but your experience of that service at the particular time you used it. This approach will allow us to help the services you use understand what makes a good experience, and what they need to do to make sure your experience is great every time you visit.

We are encouraging you to review as many experiences as you like – if you use a service on more than one occasion you can leave feedback each time you visit, and if you use a variety of services you can leave feedback on as many of them as you like. Your comments don’t have to be long, but it is really helpful if you can be as specific as possible about what made your experience particularly good or bad. For example, instead of saying ‘My GP is great’, tell us why – ‘My GP is great because he explains everything really clearly’.

We will ask you for a little information about yourself when you leave an experience but if you prefer you can leave it anonymously.

To share your experiences of local health and care services, visit our Rate and Review section

We would like as many people as possible to leave feedback through our website, but if you would prefer to discuss your experience with one of our staff members in more detail, you can:

Phone our office on 0115 956 5313
Visit one of our ‘Talk to Us Points’ in the community
Or you can email us: [email protected]